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Custom Mario Half Sleeve

Wow, Paul Devine’s Mario half sleeve has turned out beautifully. Quite possibly one of the best geeky sleeves I’ve posted on here so far. And it will be a hard one to beat. Love love love the pixelation on the chest, all the lines are crisp, and the colors and shading are amazing.

The amazing work was done by Laura Kennedy at Timeless Tattoo Glasgow.

Some more pictures (also previously posted in progress):

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3 Responses

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  1. Andrew says

    cool tat, but no updates since Dec 9th?

  2. tattoo Charlotte says

    Awesome work! Having unique tattoos based on your personality can really make you stand out. This kind of tattoo Charlotte designs – as an example – are made meticulously and even though others have chosen a similar design, you can tell by the intricacy of the work done that it stands out. Proper care should be rendered to make it look beautiful.

  3. lindz says

    Damn that beats mine lol