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Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right…

Cody writes:

My name is Cody and I stumbled on your site when I was looking for ideas for nerd tattoos. I got the Konami code tattoo because video games have always been a big factor in my life and I’m going to school to be in the video game industry. It was done at Heaven or Hell Tattoos in Fairfield CA by Daniel Peaches (or just Peaches). I just recently added the Dr Manhattan tattoo to my collection because the quote “If I am going to have a symbol, it shall be one I respect” has always stuck with me. Plus it is one of my favorite comics so for me it was only natural. I got that one done at Tatt Magic also in Fairfield by Angel. I’m really excited to get more in the future and keep adding to the collection.

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  1. neozos says

    just a note from a permanent researcher and sceptic:helios is not the sun.