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BAMF! Nightcrawler Just Appeared On Her Leg

I imagine the sound was less like BAMF and more like BZZZZZZZZ, but regardless somehow Steff got Nightcrawler inked on her calf. Steff (or steffsteff if you’re on Xbox Live) explains:

I love what he represents, that despite what you look like you can still be a hero and keep your faith regardless of what happens. He’s a total optimist, and is so naive, but he sees only the good in people.

Nightcrawler was inked by Rob at Lucky Lady Tattoo in Richmond, KY.

Steff’s also our Triforce Tuesday gal this week with her back tattoo from Body Art Emporium.

Triforce Tuesday is the result of everybody sending in triforce related tattoos. They’re popular and I want to showcase some of the better ones. If you’ve got a triforce related tattoo, send it in and see if you make the cut for Triforce Tuesday.

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