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Street Fighter Skull Tattoos and More!

There’s a good chance you’ve seen the above tattoo of Ryu from Street Fighter somewhere on the internet before. Heck, you might have even seen it on here. However, until recently I could never find out who the owner of this infamous ink was. After months of searching, he was finally found and boy does he have some geeky tattoos!

Everyone, meet Brandon, aka Clix. He’s a rave promoter in Phoenix and has a ton of geeky tattoos. Additionally he’s also had his tongue split by the man himself, Steve Haworth. Let’s take a look at his geeky ink:

First off there’s the other side of his head where Street Fighter counterpart Ken takes up residence. (I wonder if Brandon has a perpetual headache from the battle for his forehead?)

Moving around to the back of his head he has a binary tattoo with the ones done in UV reactive ink. The digits spell out his name.

On his arm he has a Pac-Man branding with an accompanying ghost.

And on his leg is a really nice Pac-Man tattoo.

We’re not done yet! A fan of the UV reactive ink, Brandon also has a set of knuckle tattoos that spell out “GLOW LIFE”. The shot here is when they were still healing. They’re actually invisible until you toss a blacklight on them. Plus he has a triforce on the back of his hand!

Wow, quite the collection. My hat is off to you sir. If you want to know more about Brandon you can check out his site, Clix Bag of Tricks

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  1. Doug Smith says

    It makes a father proud. I watched him expand from ears in the 7th grade to setting off alarms an the airports during college. Don't be fooled by his appearance. He is an exceptionally bright guy with a heart of gold. I am a little prejudiced but every one who knows him tells me the same thing.