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Windows Server NT Tribal Band

NT Server Tattoo

Want a tribal band with a bit of a geek flavor? Adam did, and he used the NT Server tribal image as inspiration for his ink. It’s very subtle geek, but I’m sure it gets the occasional “hey, that looks familiar….”

NT Server TattooNT Server Tattoo

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  1. Matt says

    First time I saw it, it looked familiar, but I couldn’t quite place it until I saw the CD jacket…

  2. John says

    Oh, that is just sad…

  3. zerkk says

    Lol windows server.. That’s funny

  4. Miss Sarcasm and her Merry Band says

    It’s not as sad and pathetic as a lot of these supposedly “geeky” tattoos gracing this site of Emo girls getting ink of games they only found out about from going to the most “retro” store EVER Gamestation, seeing merchandise related to these “retro” games, and then go out and get a stupid tattoo of games which look shit these days, because it’s “so cool and so retro”.

    In all honesty, the above tattoo is one of the cooler ones I’ve come across here so far (okay, the only cool one), because it is not instantly recognisable.

  5. alana says

    uuuhhhhhh…….. NO, just no..

  6. Chris Graham says

    This is my favorite! I have been planning on getting this tattoo for 10 years. (Have not decided on the final placement or an artist.) For me this image means more than what some people see as a fanboy to MSFT. It defines who I am for the last 20 years as a computer professional. The symbol of this is twisted pairs, networking, and bringing ideas together through computers. The alternate image is available on the BackOffice 4.5 box and has the colors. I love this tribal history logo of the computer industry. I am leaning to calf placement instead of my arm and also adding the Twisted Pair colors to what is the white space on his tattoo. THANK YOU so much for contributing. The definition of a tattoo means different things to all, but the meaning is as personal as the canvas!

    • Vexx says

      Dude, did you actually ever use that trash? I mean really…if you can code at all in C# you would vomit on your keys over this horrendous shit. I've seen high school java students write better interaction protocol than what windows spit out on this idiotic build…

  7. Vexx says

    Ok, I generally like tattoos based on tech. But windows NT was the worst server software of all time. You could have picked any other MS software that would be even reasonable, but this guy decided to pick (literally) the worst piece of shit microsoft has *ever* released. Take it from a programmer, you made a mistake dude. Save yourself the shit and just tell people its a tribal band. Sorry for raining on your parade dude…but you should have asked your local nerd before inking this….