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Welcome to Geeky Tattoos!

A big welcome to all the people coming in from Digg and ChicagoNow! Not only are we getting flooded with new visitors, I’m also getting a bunch of new geek tattoo submissions in the inbox. I love it!

If you’ve got a geeky tattoo to share, please send it in to and include as much of the follow as you can:
– Your name and what name you want me to use in a post
– Where you got the tattoo done (artist and shop if you remember, extra points for the shop website url)
– Why you got the tattoo, or at least a little backstory. (If you don’t give me this, I might make something up!)
– A high resolution photo of the tattoo that’s in focus! Best to have someone else take it outside or in a brightly lit room without the flash.
– Your website, Twitter account, whatever you want me to link to.

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