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Walk Without Rhythm and You Won’t Disturb the Tattoo

Clint writes:

This is my latest piece, a Sandworm from Dune. The picture comes from Jock’s concept art for the Peter Berg’s Dune. My right forearm is all Hunter S Thompson/Ralph Steadman anyways so I thought the artwork worked nicely in that area. My right forearm is my literary arm which in the future will include a Heron Mark, Crysknife, and something from Fight Club. This beautiful piece was done by Joey at Bombshell Tattoo in Houston, TX. This brings my “geek” tattoo collection to 9 pieces. 2 Hunter S Thompson, 2 Twin Peaks, Batman, Ghost Rider, the sword hilt for the King of Rohan and the Supernatural protection chest tattoo…which I got to please the wife.

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