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Vote for Matt’s Cybernetic Arm!

tl;drVote For Matt’s Tattoo here! You might win $500

Some of the best geeky tattoos are the ones that people create by meshing different aspects of their geeky pursuits together into something original and unique. The tattoo you see above isn’t instantly recognizable as being pulled from any specific part of the geek canon. It’s actually inspired by a combination of Mass Effect, Knights of the Old Republic, The Force Unleashed, Ghost in the Shell, the earlier works of William Gibson’s Sprawl Trilogy (my personal favorite too), and the video for All Is Full of Love by Björk. Matt took these different geeky things and put together his geeky armor tattoo with the help of Mat Kerfen on armor design and Douglas J at High Rollers Tattoo Studio on ink. In addition to the geek bits, Matt explains that it also represents “a strange and deeply philosophic discussion about the breaks in our armor that show our real selves.”

A pretty awesome tattoo, right? But the post doesn’t end there! Along with the tattoo pic, I got an email from Matt that says “I’m gonna pull a dirty trick here and even paraphrase Razor and Blade from Hackers saying that I need more than a media icon such as yourself, I need an army, a digital army. Geek/gamers of the world unite!” Why does he need your support? No, there’s no oil tanker with a virus that’s about to kill a bajillion whales (they’re all safe thanks to the Sea Shepherd). Well Matt’s geeky ink is entered in a tattoo contest for a local Philadelphia radio station, Radio 104.5. So kind readers of Geeky Tattoos, Hack the Planet! errr Vote For Matt’s Tattoo! It’s easy and doesn’t involve any roller blades or even using dirty payphones. Ha, like you could even find a payphone anymore. Need some incentive other than the warm feeling of helping a fellow geek out? One lucky random person that votes will win $500. That could pay for a really sweet tattoo. Oh and you can vote every 24 hours.

Disclaimer: Yes, if your geeky tattoo is a) awesome, b) in a contest, and c) you ask nicely and offer to buy me a beer when I’m in your town I’ll totally post a call for votes for you.

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