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Three Extra Lives?

My name is Danielle (I’m on the right in the picture.) My brother (Ray) and sister (Natalie – the short one) and I just got some geeky tattoos together. I know the 1-up mushroom tattoo in particular is pretty popular, but we decided to get it as a “sibling tat”. We don’t really have the same tastes in almost anything else, but the old school Mario Bros. is something we all connect to and connect with our childhood. We had been planning this for a while, and it worked out perfectly that we could get it done right around Ray’s 20th birthday, and Natalie’s high school graduation. They live in California and I in Las Vegas, so they came down for the weekend and we got it done at LV Ink House by Patrick (me and Ray) and Donovan. The family that tattoos together, stays together, right?

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