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The Dark Mark

Hezaa is a graphic artist who works in fashion along with her buddy Maxx242 who does tattoos on the side. He did this Dark Mark tattoo on Hezaa while they watched Star Wars and Better Off Dead. It was Hezaa’s first tattoo. She describes her experience:

This was my first tattoo ever, I was pretty scared but had been wanting it for years. I clutched at his son’s plush SpongeBob as he began, then ten minutes later tossed him to the side and said, “I don’t need you!” I was tweeting as it was happening too. It turned out absolutely perfect and I can’t wait to get more!

Also, I love her shirt.

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5 Responses

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  1. Robert says

    Definately a great Dark Mark. Up there with one of the best i have seen. Like it as much as my dark mark tattoo here on Geekytattoos.

  2. Hezaa says

    And now I have Zelda hearts on the other arm. :D <3 thanks for posting.

  3. vee says

    she got it on the wrong arm…

  4. Johnny says

    Super badass, I submitted my dark mark, however it's not up yet…

  5. duane says

    you're doing it wrong. the dark mark was on the left forearm…