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Star Trek Tattoos

With the release of the new Star Trek movie (which I hear is awesome) there has been a lot of buzz about the series.  But for some people the love of Star Trek never fades in and out and is a large part of their life.  Here are some tattoos on people that have pledged their love for Star Trek in ink:

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  1. Hamish M. says

    You guys are fuck-tards!!! seriously ! Why the hell would you do this to your skin. Putting obscure references to geeky pop culture will not impress anyone except a small minority of other fuck-tards like yourselves. Please do not procreate you fucking tools!!! Seriously. Most of these are just cheesy and badly done too. I am embarrassed for you morons.

    • Erin says

      Good thing no one was trying to impress you :) Tattoos are done for yourself, not to impress others.

    • Jules says

      If you thing it's so stupid, why are you looking at it? Go to a UFC website or go watch Jersey Shore. Loser

    • sere says

      what the hell r u doing on this website the? u r the retarded!

    • Molly says

      …….Is this what you waste your life doing? Making fun of people for something that they love? I pity you.

    • Courtney says


    • Hot Nerd says

      Well, I'm sorry you feel that way. I love my geeky tattoos and my geeky ways. I don't understand why it is any of your concern one way or another. And as far as procreation, I find that guys pay more attention to my 36D's than my Star Trek tattoo.

  2. Ed says

    This geeky culture is our culture. These tattoos aren’t meant to “impress anyone” and bring a great deal of enjoyment to their owners and those of us that appreciate geeky ink!

  3. Don Parker says

    When I was a truck driver, I would often buy Tattoo magazines and Ink magazines. I am not sure of the year, 2002 or 2003. I came upon one of these two magazines which had in it a picture of a cartoon like tattoo of Mr. Spok with a skater style hair cut and the Star Trek logo behind him. Needless to say, six years later I can’t
    find said tattoo. S O L

  4. Eriesisgod says

    Hamish M., your the “fuck-tard”! What kinda tattoo do you have? Some cheesy, cliche, fucking flash art! Probably so! Your just jealous of us out there that are not afraid of want morons like you think! You wish you were as cool as us! LIVE LONG AND PROSPER TO US! NOT YOU!

  5. duh... stupid says

    I so agreee with hamish M. YALL all are fuck- tareds!!!!
    some one stupid engh 2 get a tatoo of some werid dudes face is well you get the ponit!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Shin-zon says

    Why do you care what other people do to their skin? Learn how to spell and let others have their fun.

  7. Huidos says
    Nice Tattoo, even nicer boobs.

  8. lep says

    My 40th B’day gift I got in Vegas last fall.

  9. Chris says

    Story? Well, I was hanging out with my fellow geeky Star Trek fans, we had a good time, and a few drinks, then we all decided to get tattoos. When we came back, we had a few more drinks, and one thing led to another…
    Maybe my friends and I are all a bunch of fucktards, but then… ‘tards or not, I bet you still wish you’d been there.

  10. BDub says

    Did anyone else notice that the Guitar Hero tat had the colors reversed? Or am I THAT into Guitar Hero?

  11. Jean-Luc says

    Isn’t the internet great? It gives everyone a voice and everyone uses that voice to bitch about something. I still don’t get why someone would care about what another person does to their skin. I have a tattoo of the com-badge on my shoulder as well as the borg insignia on my calf. I have a ton of other tattoos as well (including the insignia for the Jedi Order), but not all of them are geeky. But I still find it funny that some people would care at all if another person has a geeky tattoo. I mean, c’mon nerds have it right; science fiction, fantasy, video games, whats not to love?

  12. finnagain says

    i think everyone should stop complaing
    who give a shit what the guy said we all know Star Trek is fucking rad, and we are happy to bare it mark

  13. Marcus says

    My Enterprise tattoo:

    My Galactica tattoo:

  14. Rose says

    If these people think people who get geeky tattoos are such tards, then why are they on a webside called Geeky Tattoos? I think Geeks are sexy!

  15. Oz says

    Awesome! It’s good to know that I’m not the only geek who thinks that Star Trek ink is totally rad stuff! There’s some amazing links back there; I adore Chris’ link to the Klingon emblem! Currenlty I’m looking for the right one to ink…but I’ll be geeky inked pretty soon!

  16. RayRay says

    you know what people I'm 16 and Im a HUGE Star Trek fan Oh and to top it off… I'm Female!! Yep I'm going to get a star trek tattoo and i dont care what people think of it or me… The people who judge others for what they like are the real… As you put it "FuckTards". Get over yourselves and go get a life. Just because we love a show and some movies doesn't make us stupid. Hey why did any of you get a tattoo? did you get it because you liked the design, or maybe where the idea of it came from… Its the same with us… maybe you should think before you judge someone

  17. k8matty says

    I heart Star Trek so fucking hard. My friends and I watched it constantly growing up, my boyfriend and I got together because we both loved it, and my parents got married in Star Trek costumes by a Klingon on a bridge set :D so its been a pretty big part of my life lol

    So when one of these losers tries to be all "omfg I'm too cool for Star Trek DERP" all you can do is laugh at them really, coz they will never know the awesomeness that they are missing out on.

    Oh, and I really want a voyager or ds9 combadge on my boob :D

  18. nocturnesthesia says

    The symbols are pretty cool, and I understand the “two generations” portrait…

    But who in the everliving fuck gets a shoddy portrait of Harry Kim or Bashir? That’s worse than getting a tramp stamp of Waluigi.

  19. Steve says

    Personally, I’d be confused to which tattoo to get done, I’m too picky in what I’d want, so much Trek I like along with other geeky stuff. As for the Harry Kim & Bashir tattoos, some people do dig them. I agree though, people can do what they like, its for themselves and for some an added badge of honor to show what they love to fellow geeks.

  20. ROCKIN ROBIN says


  21. boomboombby says

    Geez, some people really have no manners…to come to a website in which they have zero interest, just to trash talk something people love…probably some 15 year old…

  22. Erin Orshal says

    Update: Mine is the first one of the slideshow; I got “Jean Luc Picard” in a Sailor Jerry heart on my shoulder blade for my 20th birthday. 13 years later it still looks great and I STILL LOVE IT!! I didn’t do it to “impress” anyone but myself, yet I’ve gotten only the most positive of reactions to it and met scores of other Trekkies I wouldn’t have otherwise!
    Live Long and Prosper,
    Erin :)