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She’s got some space on her arm

Rhylie’s a sci-fi geek who’s lucky enough to have an uncle who tattoos! Rob’s her uncle and he’ll be adding the Millenium Falcon to Rhylie’s arm soon. Can’t wait to see!

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5 Responses

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  1. George SithMaster Saba says

    Even though it's startrek that's amazing. =]

  2. jduncs says

    thats going to look awful when she gets old.

  3. Electra says

    That's really amazing!
    You should upload these photos to this site so people can rate them. It's really cool.

    There's also an iPhone application: iRate tattoos

  4. Cindy says

    Yeah free tattoo’s look bad when your old.

  5. SeantheArtist says

    Colorful and neat, also shes damn cute.