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Rob’s Comm Badge

Rob grew up with Star Trek and decided to get the simple, but iconic comm badge tattooed on his chest. He also has plans for his left arm that involve the other “Star” series, Star Wars, as well as hopes for a Firefly tattoo. I don’t think I’ve posted any Firefly tattoos on here yet, even though it’s an awesome series. Get on it Rob!

Ink by Marcus at Red Dragon Tattoo in Dublin.

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3 Responses

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  1. Rob_T_Firefly says

    I've seen a few comm badge tattoos, but this has to be the nicest-looking one. Metallic surfaces can be really hard to get right but this does, the shading and shadows give a great 3D effect, and even details like where the shield reflects subtle highlights onto the crossbar behind it really makes the thing pop. Kudos to the artist!

  2. John says

    Actually, this looks like hell. Shading is blocky, there are uneven lines, thickness is terrible. It looks like a third grader did it.

  3. Tamfang says

    Are there any abstract icons in Firefly?