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Reader Tattoo Round-Up #8

Our inbox is filled with so many great Geeky Tattoos. Here’s a selection of some of my favorites that have come in on the email wire lately.

Jaqqi shows off her large Zelda back piece of the Zelda triforce. Love the coloring!

Jaqqis zelda triforce tattoo

Mahendra sends in a periodic table tattoo on his calves and an accompanying Tux tattoo on the back of his neck:

Periodic Table TattoosTux tattoo

Greg writes in with his Hsien-Ko ink:

I wanted to get a tattoo for years and couldn’t quite settle on something. Being a geek at heart, I knew it had to be something video game related. Everything finally came together recently for me to get a chibi Hsien-Ko tattoo. Hsien-Ko is a Capcom Dark Stalkers character and one of the coolest Capcom fighters on Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo (Playstation game that my wife and I have been playing since the mid 90s that was recently re-released for the Xbox 360 and PS3). I found this wicked artist Angelica at Happily Green who specializes in the form of chibi and she created the perfect image for me. After some local searching I found the perfect tat artist Jessie Cleary at Electric Expressions in New Orleans. She really gave it some depth and lively detail. I couldn’t be happier with the way it turned out.
Already thinking about which character I will get next…

Hsien-Ko TattooHsien-Ko Tattoo

And last but not least, Christelle shows off her Spearrow Pokemon tattoo which is a great play on the traditional sparrow tattoos:

spearrow pokemon tattoo

(If you’ve got a geek tattoo, send it in to!)

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  1. pat says

    its swallows not sparrows