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One For All The Lost Fans

With the final episode of Lost only a few days away (Sunday, May 23rd!), it’s only fitting to showcase Amy Wilson’s tattoo. She’s a Lost geek who got a Dharma Initiative tattoo because she loves the show and the Swan Station. She’s sure the series finale of Lost will be epic, and wanted to get the tattoo before it all concluded. I hope the series finale is good and not some lame thing like it was all a dream!

Her old high school friend, Jeff McMullen at Ageless Image, did the tattoo.

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11 Responses

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  1. Amy Wilson says

    THAT'S ME!!

    • Anna Thayer says

      You are famous!!! LOL

    • Jan says

      Hey really cool, I want to put tis image at my back but i only watched the first thre episodes of Lost , please can you tell me what famouse t-shirt you weare.
      my email adress in germany : thanks

    • Raquel Fernandez Mendoza says

      Hi Amy!! I love your birds in a cable tattoo!! There is any chance that you keep it the design or if you can take a picture of the whole tattoo and send it to me please? I really want to make that tattoo on my feet!! This is my email

      Thanks!! Rachel

  2. Dylan Holmes says

    I want MY girlfriend to get that exact tattoo where you have it!! it's the hottest thing ever!

  3. Nicole says

    I recently got my Lost tattoo and love it to bits

  4. Frank says

    thanks.. now i want one, … damn you

  5. Beth says

    Nice!! I just got a LOST tattoo myself and am itching to get another one.

    • Logan says

      its crooked.

  6. @gregsaltiel says

    Will you marry me?

  7. lunke13 says

    Awesome, I'm thinking of gettting the Hydra logo, that was always my fave station. LOST geeks FTW!