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Triforce Tuesday… with a side of Mario

It’s Triforce Tuesday again! Today it’s Donny (@DHouse1985) with his simple black Triforce. He says Zelda was his brother’s favorite video game and underneath the triforce is his brother’s son’s name because Donny is his godfather. Going long with the brother theme, Donny and his brother also got inked with related tattoos. Donny got Mario and his brother got Luigi (not shown). All the tattoos were done by Joe Vargas at Zoe’s Vicious Circle.

And finally, as a reminder of his neverending childhood, Donny got a 1-up tattoo:

Triforce Tuesday is the result of everybody sending in triforce related tattoos. They’re popular and I want to showcase some of the better ones. If you’ve got a triforce related tattoo, send it in and see if you make the cut for Triforce Tuesday.

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6 Responses

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  1. Dylan says

    oh look another generic zelda tattoo and u still wont put my super unique one on the website, super fail.

    • edrabbit says

      Chill out, your tattoo is in the queue for posting. I've gotten well over 150 tattoo submissions in the last two months or so. There are only so many hours in the day.

      • Matthew says

        Yeah, I've been patiently waiting for mine to be uploaded (Rorschach and the cake from Portal). I was uber excited to hear how you'd like them but no response. I'm sure you're busy, but dang man. At least let me know you're going to post them SOMEDAY.

  2. dhouse1985 says

    Thanks for the love!

  3. Rocky says

    Awesome tattoos, Donny :D

  4. Fredrik says

    Love the Mario tattoo! I got one just like it.