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Matching Battlestar Galactica Tattoos

It’s no doubt that Jacob and Julee are Battlestar Galactica fans as they have the same matching tattoos that Starbuck and Anders have in the new series. This lovely blackwork was done at Raven Wolf Tattoo. A closer shot:

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  1. John says

    Jake & Julee! Hey guys, it’s John. Great to see your tattoos on here. I actually have an appointment on Friday with Sig to finish my starship. Anywho…good seeing you two.


    p.s. Mila says “Hi!”.

  2. Ann says

    I was JUST Googling this this morning to see if anyone had done BSG matching tats. I have an insane crush on Starbuck, so love this tattoo completely, but would NEVER be able to talk my man into it. Le sigh…

  3. Spoon says

    I love the tat, do they meaning?

  4. Ivan says

    Can someone tell me what does it mean? Thank you

  5. Gustavo H M Silva says

    thats sooo fucking awesome! i also have a tattoo but is a simbol of the amount of respect that i have for the kara thrace actress and character (but i'm a man)… i have the same tatto as kara thrace on my left arm