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Hello Kitty + Star Wars = Darth Kitty Tattoo

Stephanie sent in her pair of geekified Hello Kitty tattoos. She combined her lifelong love of Star Wars with a little bit of girlyness (her own words) and ended up with Darth Kitty and Stormtrooper Kitty. Nice mix Stephanie!

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  1. Paprika says

    Love them! Two awesome things combined, can’t get better than that! Though I’m curious as to why she picked that spot for them?

  2. Bye Kitty says

    Que coisa feia!!!!

  3. stephanie says

    COZ IM A PIMP!!!

  4. Nick says

    Steffy didn't actually combine anything. Both these are based on my designs:

    She's welcome to have them inked onto her skin, but not to claim the designs as her own.


  5. Steffy says

    Well I’m sorry my good sir.
    I was under the impression that someone I knew designed these. I guess I should have looked around to prove she actually did.

    I am quite sorry though.