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Giant Doctor Who Backpiece

Wow, now this is dedication to Doctor Who. Mike Schlodder sent in the pic of his Doctor Who backpiece with the following back story:

My Dad use to work the evening shift when I was a kid. When he got home just before midnight, he would wake me up and we would watch the classic Doctor Who on PBS til 1 am Monday to Friday. He introduced me to Doctor Who when I was 5 years old. Tom Baker was my first Doctor. When my Dad passed away 5 years ago from cancer, I wanted to get a tattoo to remind me of him and for what he made me fall in love with. Because of my Dad I fell in love with Doctor Who, science and forever being curious of the universe around us! This is for you Waldemar…..

Tattoo by Emily at Urge Tattoos in Victoria, BC

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  1. Robert says

    dude that is so sweet. i thought my dalek and cyberman on my left sholder was great but i have not put in the tardis yet. Have just put a weeping angel with my dalek and cyberman so keep adding to it.

  2. facebook_MommaDukesNY says

    That’s some dedication right there! Gorgeous!