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Geeky Tattoos Reader Round-Up #5

Another dip into the mailbox and another batch of tattoos sent in by readers!

Quotation Mark Tattoos

Megan sends us a picture of her “proper Oxford quotation mark” tattoos that she got on a recent trip to a Writing Center conference.  She says she’s a big fan of punctuation and even has a semi-colon on her lower arm.  I hope I got all my punctuation correct in this post!

Whataburger Tattoo

I’m not sure if Zack’s Whataburger tattoo classifies as geeky or not, but still felt like sharing it since it gave me a chuckle.  His inspiration was the message found on the back of Whataburger fry boxes and drink cups.  He writes:

To me it is great on a few levels as A) Its from a piece of Trash, B) It is a great piece of pop culture, C) I believe in the body as a vessel for the soul and when I’m done… cremate me and D) Its my final joke as I love the idea that one day i’ll be on a slab in some Mortician’s place and they will see it, laugh, and say “Hey Hank, ya gotta come see this!”

Tattoo done January 2009 at the Velvet Grip on Santa Monica Blvd in West Hollywood

1-up mushroom

Knives sent in his 1-up mushroom tattoo that he got done by Arad in Tel-Aviv at the B-Street shop.

Thomas Halo TattooThomas Quake Tattoo

And Thomas, who is going to school for “Game and Simulation Programming”, sent in his pair of game related tattoos: Halo and Quake logos. He says he got these to show his dedication to his career and his family.

That’s it for the reader round-up for today.  If you’ve got a Geeky Tattoo, send it in to with your story!

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  1. Guest says

    Agreed. Wow. It's like looking at a quadriplegic that weighs in at 400 pounds, sporting a tat that states, " I am the skinny bulimic that will kick your gay ass, I'm not gay." tattoo.
    He may as well get a "I am Sparta!" Legionnaire symbol next to it.
    Go get something less queer for your body type and lifestyle, like a dragon.
    The "Army of One" everyone talks about, you guessed it; this guy.
    You've a singular mind, friend. Don't breed, as a kindness to the rest of us. That can be your heroic deed. Legendary no less.