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Gears of War, Battle Royale, and a 1-Up

Dane. is a geeky girl who loves playing Gears of War and Japanese movies. She says she got the Battle Royale tattoo above because she likes the movie and it reminds her of when she plays 1 on 1 and deathmatches online with friends. She’s also a big fan of Gears of War and has clocked in way too many hours playing.

She’s also got a cute 1-up mushroom on her arm that’s actually related to the Gears of War tattoo. Back in 2008, Dane was selected by Spike TV to help promote Gears of War 2. When she got back from the trip, she got the 1-up mushroom as a reminder that she actually got paid to play a videogame on national TV. How many of you guys out there can say that, huh?

Tattoos by Blen at All Star Tattoo in Ceiba, Puerto Rico.

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