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Francesco’s QR Code Tattoo

Francesco’s QR tattoo. I couldn’t get it to scan with my phone, so I’ll leave it a surprise for you, dear readers. If it sends you to something horrible like goatse, or a Justin Bieber video, someone let me know, k?

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  1. Sean says

    I’m not surprised it wouldn’t scan – unfortunately for Francesco its lines are already starting to blur a bit. Combine that with the fact that his skin wraps around his leg (bending the 2D square in 3D), and it’s a tough one. I’m embarrassed to say I had to draw reference lines on the picture and recreate it in a bitmap. I’m still wrong on two bits somewhere, because it scans to Faテァa acontecer (Faテァa happens in Portuguese/Spanish). But I can’t find where it’s wrong and I don’t want to spend any more time looking at a leg!

  2. ERNesbitt says

    I recreated it in Excel, and it scanned to “Faça acontecer”. A quick Google translate from Portuguese, and it is: “Make it happen”

  3. anonymous cunt says

    my phone came up with h ankie, Code. ugust 2012 27, too many blurred data/error correction bits and the timing bits are 100% blurred. Could reconstruct it with my qr code generator if anyone really wants to know, email me.