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Final Fantasy VII Tattoo

Norumu” sent in his Final Fantasy VII tattoo. He says that he didn’t just love FF7, but it was his virtual escape from the pains of divorcing parents. Take note parents out there, did homework ever do that for anyone?

Inked by Khalid at Area 51 Tattoo in Crystal Lake, IL.

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9 Responses

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  1. redmage1 says

    i think a ff7 tattoo with characters or something would be bad ass that logo thing is stupid what a lack of creativity even if u did love the game find a way to honor it no lable whore yourself with the brand name….. fuckin lame

    • Jen Anne Ritter says

      I agree!

    • Alexander says

      I see both sides of it. I agree that it is a bit in Your face, as in its not very subtle- with this kind of thing, i personally would want it to be a subtle reference to FF7 so only the fans know. But at the same time, i do like my logos and i would always want the logo to be exactly perfect, and this looks really well done. Looks exactly like it should. I think if it was me, i would get the meteor, but not the writing (even tho i do like the writing).

      But yeah that is a bit rude, you could have put it nicer.

    • Norumu says

      I'm certainly wildly late to this comment, coming across it as I'm going through more tattoo ideas, but I'm sorry that my tattoo displeases you.

      Too bad it's not your tattoo. It's mine.

      As much as I would love some little fan reference or a particular piece of creativity to honor the game, I couldn't find a more whole encompassing note than the "cover" image of the game. I couldn't say that I liked a particular character, or a setting, or something cute like a chocobo, or something badass like Ultimate Weapon over any other piece of the game. It's the whole package that is near and dear to my heart. The entire tale, journey, and adventure did wonders to keep me out of life's pains at the time I was playing it. So, I wanted to mark such.

      • JP says

        My parents didn’t divorce, but this game has helped me in life, anyway. Totally understand what you mean.

  2. Yuffimara says

    thats just rude! maybe he couldnt decide on one aspect of the game so chose to honour the game as a hole! rude people.

  3. Ciara says

    "chose to honour the game as a hole" How rude.. ha ha :-D

  4. Squal says

    It has meteor in the background, which is the backstory of the whole game. U obviously did not play it. You’re lame

  5. zack says

    fuck yes im watching advent children now more to you bro i under your escape dont let anyone put you down im gonna actully get a tat on my chest not yours but similar my real name is zack so embrace your dreams and no matter what happens protect your honor as SOILDER