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Fandom Crest: All Geek, All the Time

Meri writes:

Hey there! My name’s Meri and last night I got an awesome tattoo, as a tribute to some of my geeky fandoms. I call it my Fandom Crest. I’m a huge lover of all things Lord of the Rings, Lost, Star Wars, Harry Potter, and Weird Al Yankovic, so there are bits of them in the tattoo. Dharma Symbol for Lost, Potter’s lightning bolt, the Rebel Alliance symbol, Tolkien’s initials in the middle, and some spatulas (Spatula City via UHF) to make it extra white and nerdy. I give all credit to Tony Scambony at Fuzion Ink ( for the awesome design and artistry. Hope you like it too!

That’s a lot to pack into one tattoo! See if you can find all the symbols!

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