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Doctor Who TARDIS Tattoo!

Doctor Who TARDIS Tattoo!

I’ve posted a number of Doctor Who tattoos in the past, but I must say, Jenni’s tattoo might be one of my favorites. Great design and great color. But it’s not on Jenni. She’s the one that inked this on someone who rekindled her love affair with the Doctor. She explains:

Hey there, stumbled on your website and thought I’d submit this tattoo I finished yesterday! I did this tattoo on my favorite companion, the biggest whovian I know who, resparked my love for the Doctor. After we watched Seasons 1-6 of the new series back to back to back, all I had to say was “Soooo, can we do a Doctor Who sleeve on you?” and he was sold! This is the first of hopefully many Doctor Who tattoos (and of course we had to start with the TARDIS!). Just thought I’d share.

Jenni, Heart and Soul Tattoo, Albuquerque NM

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