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Doctor Who Fob Watch

Rob writes in:

This is the symbol from the front of the Doctor’s fob watch, seen in the “Human Nature” and “Family of Blood” episodes of Doctor Who. Since this watch was directly involved with the Doctor’s transformation (Gallifreyan – Human) I thought it was appropriate since I transformed myself last year by losing 100 lbs!

The tattoo was done by the excellent Tom Sardinha at Shogun Tattoo in Salem, NH.

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7 Responses

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  1. Cae says

    It's fantastic!

  2. Enje says

    I love it!!

  3. Dreyja says

    I freaking love this idea. I was just doing some research because I like the idea of Doctor/Master matching fob watch tattoos, but I was worried the symbols would come out just looking like drunk-scribbles. This DEFINITELY doesn't, I love it.

  4. Dead Grey Snow says

    Great minds think alike. I was just searching online for this design for a possible tattoo to get in the exact same location. Albeit about half the size.

  5. Jacinta Wyld says

    im saving for that watch. $200… gonna take me a while…

    • Yasmin says

      You can get them on ebay much cheaper

  6. Suzanne Glass-Russo says

    I LOVE this! I’m thinking about getting his name in Gallifreyan on my calf… :D