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Darth Vader Chest Tattoo

Anna's Darth Vader chest tattoo

Such prominent placement of evil! Anna bares her chest to show off her ink of Darth Vader with crossed light sabers that was inked by Tivis Phillips at Ancient Art Tattoo in Blacksburg, VA. She points out that the other light saber belongs to Obi-Wan. Sometimes I have to wonder if Darth Vader tattoos are the new geek version of old-school skull and crossbones tattoos.

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13 Responses

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  1. ege says’s wonderful.

  2. Mike R. says

    I’m in love with this woman….. Come to me….. I’ll treat you like a geeky goddess….

  3. dooseldorf glogmatic III says

    she’s gonna regret that tattoo
    his head came out too skinny aswell

  4. Anna says

    no regrets so far. also this is a bad cell phone pic, obviously its not going to look perfect. so maybe keep the negativity to yourself next time. :]

    • Master Rav says


    • Rick says

      Hey Anna I think it looks great! I have full sleeve of star wars and my chest to be done soon keep it up may the Force be with you

  5. says

    That is an F’ing awesome tat Anna! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise :P

    • anna says

      thank you :D

  6. RJM says


  7. HanNahNah says

    I like how guys act like they're never seen a girl that likes Star Wars. Where have they been looking?

  8. jeff says

    i agree when your 80 its going to look reall cool But right now you have great boobs

  9. KdGodbomber says

    Live for the moment I say, that looks feckin' awesome!

  10. Curt Eichelberger says

    wow ! so awesome ! !