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Darth Vader and Light Sabers

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Darth Vader and light sabers is the new skull and crossbones. Angelica sent in a photo of he dedication to this “misunderstood character” (her words not mine). She says she’s always had a deep love for Star Wars and Darth Vader, so she had Paully at Tatts By Zapp tattoo the infamous Vader on her shoulder.

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14 Responses

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  1. Raymond Camden says

    Nice! I’ve got a tat of a stormtrooper helmet over crossbones.

  2. Gabe says

    Angelica, marry me.

  3. Jeff says

    Marry me too! I’m comfortable with sharing if you are! :D

  4. el_chacal says


  5. Gold Healer says

    Horrible tat and the girl is not even cute. You guys need to get out in the real world.

  6. Verrin says

    me gustast non disputandem, spelling may be incorrect but fuck latin. just cause your a twat gold doesn’t mean everyone thinks like you or needs to get a life just cause your taste sucks, btw nice tat and she looks pretty damn cute to me

  7. Kib says

    Get out in the real world? Then what in thee flying f*ck are you doing here?

  8. the ultimate font of knowledge says

    if you dont think that girl is cute youve obviously never touched a pussy in your life

    go have a juicebox

  9. kramit_the_frog says

    ^^^ mmm juice! YAY !

  10. Noctis Era says

    That girl is cute as hell!! I mean the tat might not look the greatest but its still an awesome one regardless!!

  11. anna says

    almost twinsies…:]

  12. bajs says

    And she´s also wearing a cannibal corpse t-shirt! Seriously were can you meet women like these?!

  13. Joe Heavy Flow says

    The Twin Cities.

    She will destroy you with Star Wars and 40oz of malt liquor.

  14. Dandelaros says

    me enamoré : )