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Daniel’s Dark Side

Dipping into the international mailbag I found this Darth Vader tattoo hailing from Brazil. Daniel is the owner and it was inked by Eric Codo at Carioca Tattoo in Rio de Janeiro. He says he got it because he thinks Darth Vader is the best character and villain ever created in movies, fiction, books, etc. I wonder how you say “I am your father” in Portuguese?

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4 Responses

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  1. shy says


  2. Natália says

    You say "Luke, eu sou seu pai"

  3. plazdiquehardt says

    That totally looks Photoshopped.

    • Daniel Lima says

      It wasn´t photoshopped… just after he inked… after the cicatrization the tattoo wasn´t so dark… You can see other pictures on my Facebook: Daniel Lima