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Classic Mega Man Sleeve

Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving (for the US readers) and/or a great weekend (everyone)! Today I bring you Don and his geeky tattoos. First up is his classic Mega Man piece. He says he chose to stick with the old school cast (“none of that Mega Man ZX47-Zero-Battle Network-Plus-Alpha bulls*** that Capcom makes now”), however an exception was made for Bass and Treble since the artwork was too good to modify before committing to his skin.

Don also has a tattoo of Frog Mario on his shoulder. It was his first tattoo, and a fine one at that. He says there’s possible plans to turn this into a whole underwater scene. Make sure you don’t forget to include Blooper in there Don!

Both tattoos were done by his friend Charlie at Lost Time Tattoos in Charleston, WV.

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