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Carly’s Digimon Tattoo

A few months ago, Carly decided to delve into her childhood and watched the entire first season of Digimon over 3 days. Then she decided to get the Digimon “Crest of Knowledge” tattooed on the back of her neck. I wonder what would happen if I sat down and rewatched cartoons from my childhood. I’d probably end up with a big Thundercats logo in the center of my chest and a greater questioning of the orientation of Lion-O. (Seriously, go watch old Thundercats and tell me you aren’t wondering too)

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6 Responses

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  1. ERin says

    This made my inner child squee :D I like that it's something from your childhood, a nice design, and not overtly "THIS IS DIGIMON". Great work!

  2. ISA says

    Oh wow, Ive never seen a Digimon related tattoo before. Nice! :)

  3. Natalie Ousley says

    It's very neat how it looks cool even to those who haven't seen Digimon.

  4. James says

    No Way!!! I have this on my left wrist, on my right I have the crest of friendship

  5. Devon says

    Ha ha ha I saw this on your fb wall James… I didnt even have to read it was your name.

  6. Jin says

    I'd rather get Hope myself, but my tattoo is semi-based off of Seraphimon so I guess it worked okay lol.