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Battlestar Galactica Caprica Tattoo-ica

Bryan writes in to show us his Battlestar Galactica tattoo. It’s inspired by Starbuck’s tattoo on the show and Bryan is a huge fan of the show. In the show, Starbuck’s husband, Anders, has a matching tattoo that lines up to form the symbol of Caprica when they embrace:

Here’s hoping Bryan’s lucky enough to find someone to sport the other half someday. :)

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6 Responses

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  1. dale says

    that tat is ace i want the same but need a better pic, any help?

  2. Kelie says

    thats what i’m getting here soon!!!!
    i love that show :D

  3. Shay says

    I *love* that show and I love Starbuck! Hmm…Those would make awesome anniversary presents for my boy and me..

    • yusuf says

      Yeap i guess for this one u need a couple :)

  4. xhack2 says

    me and my better half got the henna version. i might have it maintained.