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An MP3 Player On His Arm

Pascal (aka Mogy) is the owner of the geeky tattoo you see above. He explains why he got this tattoo:

basically my geeky way to express life, power on you born, play you live, stop you die, those gears not touching each other represent my personal experience in life, but they are still link with that line. but also how cool will be have a mp3 player in your arm

Incredibly well done mp3 player created by Kris at Coastline Tattoo.

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4 Responses

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  1. dan says

    awesome !

  2. fettmancometh says

    "stop you die", isn't that the pause symbol not the stop symbol? Just wondering

  3. trashganastan says

    lol! thats what i thought

  4. Pascal says

    aka mogy?? what the heck?