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World of Warcraft Alliance Tattoo

Almost every time I see a World of Warcraft tattoo it’s of the Horde symbol. People are serious about the Horde. But there are also people out there that are serious about the Alliance. Clare, aka Elocine, is a proud member of the Alliance. She writes:

After playing World of Warcraft for 5 years with no plans of stopping I wanted to get a tattoo representing a very important aspect of my life. WoW has never left me, its been there through thick, thin, lovers, and haters. […] as a avid Alliance player I wanted to represent my faction. Now proudly displayed on my right arm is a pretty good sized Alliance Lion. My tattoo has constantly been a conversation starter and is a beacon for all the WoW geeks out there…especially the Alliance ones.

Tattoo was done at Fuzion Ink in Norfolk, VA. Elocine the Kingslayer can be found on the Azuremyst server.

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25 Responses

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  1. cody says

    awesome Im getting am alliance tat for my b-day

  2. lfag says

    WOW thats what i call a tattoo!

  3. Ryngs says

    cool tat, im just sorry u got roped into buying that "For the Alliance" bs.

    Lok'Tar Ogar!

  4. Horde says

    fucking ally!!!!!!!!!!! i will kill you

  5. PedoBear says

    Nice job with the Sharpie. Go kill yourself.

  6. Goat says

    LOL, that's totally marker! That's why you never see Alliance tattoos, they wash off with soap and warm water! Weak sauce little girl, weak sauce.

  7. Deadarm says

    idk wtf all u horde nabs r talkin about but thats real. thats called limelight-blue ink. its extremely expensive, but extremely worth it if you use it on a tattoo. specifically for that reason ^ its shiny as hell.

    btw, nice tat. oh – and hordies. K E K. (:

    • Alli Till I Die says

      K E K ya i am a dedicated ally and i have allways been and allways will be

  8. halo says

    fuck yeeaaa world of warcraft%!!!:)))))) FOR THER ALLUICNE

  9. Geekkiller says

    Fucking geek buy a new life and all of you who say fuckin horde you r all freaks you all should buy you a life and don´t get fatter and fater in front of your pc!!

    P.s You are fuckín neards

  10. Goldahena says

    Love the Alliance. Love your ink. Will by getting mine soon.

  11. Vrang says

    It's no wonder why there are more Horde tattoos out there. ;) But even a long-time Horde player (since Warcraft 2) such as myself has to admit that is a hella nice tattoo.

  12. mermaid says

    nice ink, but…. FOR THE HORDE!!!!

  13. Rebecca Rantz says

    Getting my Alliance tattoo tomorrow! Super excited!

  14. Barbs says

    Love it! ^^ I'm a total Alliance player and plan on getting an Alliance tattoo too!

  15. spookyboi86 says

    Lok'Tar Ogar!

  16. Maedel says

    You've been playing WoW for 5 yeas, yet you only got into Zul'Aman 2 days ago. Hmm…

    • bicboi says

      lol, armory detective

  17. Delirium says

    poor guy made that tattoo… I guess he just killed hiself

  18. Tish says

    i'm a alliance, and i hate the fact that it's much harder to draw it than the horde tattoo. but anyways, I'm hopefully getting the hearthstone as my second one soon :]

  19. BUNbunski says


  20. Goldahena says

    I brought this picture to a shop and tried to get the exact same tattoo. Unfortunately, I learned the tattoo is not real. Blue ink would never be used this way. It would spread and look like crap in a year or two. I had to get mine in black. Bummer. Anyway, the picture is fake.

  21. d.j. says

    I did a time lapse video of my new horde battle crest tattoo

  22. raverrob says

    thats not a tattoo

  23. allison says

    oh my god, yes it is a real tattoo, and anyone who knows anything about ink can see that. her skin is still slightly raised where the ink is because its very very fresh, so its still irritated.