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World of Warcraft Alliance Tattoo

Almost every time I see a World of Warcraft tattoo it’s of the Horde symbol. People are serious about the Horde. But there are also people out there that are serious about the Alliance. Clare, aka Elocine, is a proud member of the Alliance. She writes:

After playing World of Warcraft for 5 years with no plans of stopping I wanted to get a tattoo representing a very important aspect of my life. WoW has never left me, its been there through thick, thin, lovers, and haters. […] as a avid Alliance player I wanted to represent my faction. Now proudly displayed on my right arm is a pretty good sized Alliance Lion. My tattoo has constantly been a conversation starter and is a beacon for all the WoW geeks out there…especially the Alliance ones.

Tattoo was done at Fuzion Ink in Norfolk, VA. Elocine the Kingslayer can be found on the Azuremyst server.

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