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Unique Binary Tattoos

There’s some unexplainable phenomenon that causes people to want to tattoo their kid’s name on them once they’ve spawned. Nobody knows why this is the case, but it struck James. Being a geek he wanted to do it in binary, cause you know that’s the way it should be. But James didn’t want to just use a bunch of 1s and 0s, that’s too ordinary. So he used a system of dashes. See if you can figure out his kid’s name. The “-” is “0” and “|” is “1”.

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  1. Chevy says

    Ive tried putting some different combinations though a translator, but cant quite figure out which side to read it from. Ive assumed its an 11 letter name because 8 digits is the binary base for the alphabet, can it be one of Bartholomew Christopher Constantine Encarnacion Margueritta Maximillian or Miguelangel

  2. Chevy says

    Actually ignor that, ive cracked it! Nice one!

  3. quase says

    Would have been easier without the tip that – = 0 and | = 1. I mean, it's not that's incorrect, it just throws you sideways…

    • marie says

      the tip they gave has thrown me, can you give me one that'd actually help? thanks :)

      • Marie says

        Got it!

      • 11011100 says

        try "-"=1 and "|"=0 and the names are spelled downwards to give the 8 digit binary, and TIP the names are spelled backwards…

  4. quase says

    PROTIP: Should have read "kids' names" instead of "kid's name".

    • cam says

      not if the child singular

  5. Heidi says

    Hayden and Devon