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Top 5 Cupcake Tattoos

You may have missed the second CupcakeCamp last weekend here in San Francisco that was modeled after the geeky Web 2.0 BarCamps, but that’s no reason you can’t celebrate cupcakes all the time! If you haven’t noticed, the cupcake craze has taken over. They’re everywhere, on blogs, websites, in your mouth, and maybe even a dedicated cupcake bakery in your town! And if there’s something awesome, there’s bound to be someone with a tattoo of it. So we’ve assembled the top 5 (in no particular order) cupcake tattoos we’ve found. Enjoy!

Sacred Cupcake

This first one is just plain fantastic! It’s on the chest of Robin, who is studying Baking and Patisserie at the Texas Culinary Academy. She also keeps a blog over at Dolce Cakes. Her “Sacred Cupcake” was inked by Matt Lukesh at Seppuku Tattoo.
via Dolce Cakes

Cupcake Stomach

It wouldn’t be right to not include the amazing Twinkie Chan. She’s a San Francisco resident with a talent for crocheting remarkable food related items. You should check out her store if you like cupcake scarves, cookie mittens, or T-Bone purses. She has bright and colorful tattoos that include many food items, but the most appropriate one to point out is the pair of cupcakes on her stomach. These were done by Holly Ellis who tattoos out of the Idle Hand Tattoo Studio in San Francisco. If you want to know more about the lovely Twinkie Chan, you should check out the in-depth article about her on Inked which happens to be where the above image is from. I wish I could find a closer photo to show off the awesomeness.

Good and Evil Cupcakes

Next up is a pair of good and evil tattoos on the feet of Alicia M. She says she got these tattoos on her feet to remind her to stay young at heart and to symbolize the balance of good and evil within herself, but adds “and I have a thing for cupcakes”. Amanda Cancilla was the artist who inked these tasty treats while working out of Artistic Skin Designs, but if you want her to ink some deliciousness on your skin you’ll have to travel to Bend, Oregon to catch her at Oxygen Tattoo now. Personally I think all cupcakes are evil because there’s no way something can be as delicious as they are without making some sort of deal with the devil.
via Alicia’s Flickr

Unicorns Love Cupcakes

I saw this one and knew there’s just no way I couldn’t include it. I mean c’mon, it’s a unicorn, pissing a f-ing rainbow on a cupcake! If that’s not just plain awesome, I don’t know what is. Marilyn mentions that it was a very impulsive choice, but we all know you can’t go wrong with unicorns, rainbows and cupcakes. No idea who she talked into doing this one for her.
via Flickr

Cupcake + Dagger + Snake

Trish describes her tattoo as such: “it’s a cupcake – with a dagger thru it – and a snake”. Yes, yes it is Trish. It’s also one of our favorite cupcake tattoos. After slogging through pages upon pages of just plain old cupcakes, this one has a nice twist of old school tattoo charm with new school cupcake fetish. Inked by Jenny B at Adrenaline in New Jersey.
via Flickr


There you go, top 5 cupcake tattoos in our opinion. Don’t agree? Got one that’s better? Drop a comment. But before we go we want to throw an honorable mention to Molly. What she lacks in color and creativity, she more than makes up for in placement.

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  1. Miss Sarcasm and her Merry Band says

    Because those tattoos are just so original and amazing.

  2. DERRIANA says


  3. Sarah says

    My two best friends and I have matching dancing cupcakes (same design, different colors) on/around the hipbone area. Check it out! :)

  4. DEJA says


  5. Nicole says

    what ever your name is who insulted the young lady with the lip tattoo, why dont you take your negative close minded opinion else where; tattoo’s are about expressing yourself.

  6. Kate says

    Yup im wit Nicole!!.. : >

  7. breeeeee says

    ya nicole

  8. Anon says

    My recently retired friend, SSG Leanne Bergeron has some way sexy Cupcake Ink.

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