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The Brotherhood of Steel

I lost a good portion of 2009 to Fallout 3. I loved the game and spent hours sitting in front of it. I can’t imagine how many hours Max has clocked in with the series since he’s been playing Fallout and Fallout 2 since 1997! He says he has most of the two games memorized.

Max’s tattoo is of the original insignia of the Brotherhood of Steel, a key group in the Fallout video games. He says he got it for a number of reasons. Fallout was one of the first video games he played and it had an impact on his standards for video games. He also believes in the overall philosophy and ideals of the Brotherhood: technology is the salvation of mankind. Oh, and it looks cool. Never get a tattoo unless it looks cool.

His insignia was done at Ink Stop Tattoo in NYC.

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