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The Arecibo Message

Remember 3-2-1 Contact? Back in the day they put out a magazine with the Arecibo message printed in it. Little Violet saw this and says she then spent the next thirty years resisting getting it tattooed on her body. Finally she relented and you can see how awesome it looks on her shoulder.

Don’t know what the Arecibo message is? Well fear not, you can look it up in your full set of Encyclopedia Britannica. Wait, what?! You didn’t keep those books? What would your mother say? Oh well, I guess you can use wikipedia to find out about the Arecibo message. I hear that’s what the kids do these days.

Tattoo was done at the Baltimore Tattoo Museum by Bill Stevenson.

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  1. meredith says

    This is totally awesome and makes me want 6EQUJ5 vertically on me somewhere.