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Scott Pilgrim Tattoo

Chris V, aka Tiger of PTS (feel free to make up your own backronym), sent in the ink he got from Danielle S over at Danville Ink. For those not familiar with the Greatest Comic Book Ever, it’s Scott Pilgrim. Chris explains:

I got this tattoo to represent the thing I love most about Scott Pilgrim. The way it portrays dealing with the past coming back to haunt you, and the ability to overcome it all by (litterally in the books) ripping the power of love and self respect out of yourself. The SP series basically covers the four things most important to me in life: Music, Video Games, Friendship, and Love.

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6 Responses

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  1. amy says

    this is amazing!!

  2. Shakes says

    The hilt of the sword looks like his ballsack. Fail.

    • Tiger says

      Where do you think true love really comes from? <3

    • Burke says

      Can't blame the tattoo artist for that one. that's in the original art as well.

  3. gabzoz says


  4. trashganastan says

    thats five things right?