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PHP Tattoo: Nothing risked, nothing gained; nothing lost, nothing learned

Mike M writes:

The saying “Nothing risked nothing gained, nothing lost, nothing learned” has stuck with me through the years and I wanted it as tattoo.. But fancy script isn’t really my style. I’ve been writing a lot of php lately, so I figured why not put a programmer’s twist on

Tattoo was done by Tyson Pederson

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6 Responses

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  1. Geoff says

    Isn't it, 'nothing ventured, nothing gained?' Don't think I've ever heard of the other one.

  2. anon says

    nothing good, written in php

  3. Dave says

    That would have been hilarious if he forgot a semicolon.

  4. Leonardo says

    He should have trimmed his hair before taking the pictures!

  5. Michel says

    $gain = !$risk ? 0 : 1;

  6. nick says

    He forgot the {}