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Mike’s Klingon Tattoo

Figuring out your first tattoo can be quite a difficult task for some. For Mike it was pretty easy since he’s wanted the Klingon tattoo you see above since he was in high school (he’s 32 now). The only problem he had was deciding on a location. Eventually he went to Lacey’s Finest in Olympia, Washington and George inked the Klingon Empire logo you see above.

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2 Responses

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  1. 80s Dude says

    Awesome. I wasn't sure this was going to get posted. Thanks! And on my Birthday too. So that means I'm 33 now ;). A cool (and unintentional) birthday present.

  2. Michael says

    this is weird……my name is mike and this is what i want my first tattoo to be and even in the same place