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Jully’s QR Code Tattoo

Jully writes to say that she thinks she might be the first person in Brazil to get a QR code tattoo. The code is the name of a song by Good Charlotte that was a part of her adolescence and helped her get through a rough time.

Her tattooist was André from True Love Tattoo. I really like the strategy he took for inking the QR code accurately on her arm.

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22 Responses

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  1. Beck says

    I think I want to steal this

  2. Jully Nascimento says

    Hey Geeky's so glad see my tattoo here… Thank ya'll so much!!!

  3. Katia says

    beautiful, love the tattoo … You are wonderful and made ​​a comeback. Incredible!

  4. Bruna says

    Jully , Simply perfect … Very very pretty xD

  5. Lucas says

    Your tattoo and simply amazing, I really liked

  6. The nerd says


  7. Diogo says

    You rock!

  8. Keika says

    "first person in Brazil to get a QR code tattoo" HAHAHAHAHA …

    • Jully Nascimento says

      aiii foi mal… pesquisei pra caramba e não achei nada aqui no Brasil…
      a sua funciona normalmente?

      • Keika says

        que isso! soh tava aloprando.. QR code é uma coisa tão antiga que eu nunca me preocupei se alguem tinha feito ou nao.. por isso que achei seu comentário engraçado!
        mas de boua.

        um nokia já leu ele .. mas não é fácil nao.. a mao não fica "reta" nunca. Mas tambem nunca me preocupei se algum dispositivo ia ler ou nao. Sempre fiz tatoo só pra mim mesmo, nao pros outros.

        bom, entao já somos "moh galera" com QrCode =) isso que importa! hehe


        • Jully Nascimento says

          rsrsrsr bom coisas que eles mesmo perguntaram, por isso eu disse!

          Conhece mais gente que tem? Pra eu ver fotos?

  9. thesco says

    aa foda eu ja tinha feito um tattoo de qr code muito tempo antes dela

  10. thesco says

    primeira versão tattoo qr code

  11. Joe Bruin says

    Raw texthold on
    Raw bytes40 76 86 f6 c6 42 06 f6 e0 ec 11 ec 11 ec 11 ec 11 ec 11 11 ec 11
    Barcode formatQR_CODE
    Parsed Result TypeTEXT
    Parsed Resulthold on

    If she was in Brazil, why was it in English?

    • Joe Bruin says

      Sorry some of the spaces were missing, It says "hold on".

    • Jully says

      cause the music is in English…