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Geeky Tattoos Reader Round-Up #7

Watchmen Rorschach TattooSusan sends in her Rorschach wrist tattoo from Watchmen.  She says he is her favorite fiction character and this is her favorite tattoo!  She also recommends: Watchmen and Philosophy: A Rorschach Test. Now if only they made ink that would shift and change!

Andy sends in his Pac-Man tattoo that he got “to represent me and girlfriend and to remind me of the time (and money) I spent at this Ms. Pac Man  machine in Portland, OR.” I love the big bold strokes and simple color!

Transformers Ravage TattooButch Smith also sent in his awesomely old school Transformers tattoo.  It’s the Ravage toy from his childhood.  Ravage is a jaguar that’s normally depicted as a cassette tape or a mini-cassette (as in Butch’s tattoo and the original toy).  But to stay up to date with the times, the next version of the Ravage toy is going to be a USB stick! Butch got his tattoo done by Justin Clark of Living Canvas in Hot Springs National Park, AR.

Got some geeky tattoos?  Send them in to!  Please make sure you send in large size, good quality photos of them.  We’re getting a lot of great submissions, but unfortunately nobody wants to see a blurry tattoo!  Also, make sure you include your story, tattoo artist, etc. so we can share that too!

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