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FOUND: 1 LOLcat Tattoo

LOLcat tattoo
I knew it wouldn’t be too long until we found someone with a LOLcat tattoo after I posted it on the “Tattoos We’d Like To See” page. ¬†Andrew was kind enough to send in his friend’s tattoo that you see above. ¬†While not confirmed, I have a slight suspicion that it’s based off of the following pic:

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7 Responses

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  1. Anna says

    I have a strong suspicion that’s a fine point sharpie. Or a really bad drunken night.

  2. helenzass says

    haahah i looove it

  3. danidyke says

    i agree with anna

  4. TattooGigolo says

    Nope, it’s real. You can see the tiny blow outs.

  5. caroline says

    it’s real! i’ve seen it in real life.

  6. BJ says

    its my buddy’s tattoo he doesnt drink but watching him get it was funny, especially when he started to regret it after the first line

  7. John says

    Did he tattoo this himself?!
    It's such a bad quality tattoo… to bad, it would have looked awesome otherwise.