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Daniel’s Geeky Tattoos: Metroid, Mushrooms, and “Powerwings”

So Daniel has a couple of geeky tattoos. I’ll let him explain:

I’ve always been a Geek at heart, As early as i can remember I’ve always played video games, My father was a gamer before I was. One of the earliest memories I have is of my father buying the Nintendo the day it came out. When he started to play Mario and Duck Hunt my world changed for ever.

One of my all time favorites video games, I wanted something to remember it by.

Mario Mushrooms:
I’ve always wanted a Life and Death Tattoo, and throwing in video games Mushrooms from one of the best video games in history made these tattoos of mine perfect.

I don’t know the artist who did this, I found it on the Internet one day and fell in love with it, I edited a bit to clean it up, and got it on my neck, I feel it as a Symbol of Pure Geek.

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