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Catch the Snitch!

Snitch Tattoo

The Harry Potter books have been one of the most popular series in recent years and have had a variety of impacts on readers of all ages.  Molly McIsaac felt like the Harry Potter books defined times in her life and got a tattoo to recognize that.  She writes in:

I was raised with the Harry Potter books. When they first came out, my mother read the first one to my little brother and I. As they continued to come out, I found that certain defining times in my life corresponded with the launch of the books. I have so many happy memories of dressing up and letting loose at the book launches. A week before the 7th and final book came out, I was feeling quite melancholy. Harry Potter was the one thing from my childhood that had prevented me from growing up completely – I hung onto it like a life line. And yet, here was “the end” rearing its ugly head at me. And it wasn’t a good feeling. So to commemorate that literal final page in my childhood and my neverending love for Harry Potter, I went and got my first tattoo – a golden snitch.

Great mix of geek with personal meaning Molly!

Snitch Tattoo

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5 Responses

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  1. Miss Sarcasm and her Merry Band says

    Hardly considered “geeky”.

  2. Mint says

    I also have a Star Wars and an X-files tattoo, my snitch is just my favourite =3

  3. DUH..... DUDE says

    DUE SO GEEKY………. LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. anita says

    i have the same relationship with the harry potter books. (:

  5. redmage1 says

    i have the same relationship with harry potter as well but your golden snitch sucks ass maybe next time you should find a place on your body to really show off the shape of the image your tattooing on yourself it would have looked better as a tramp stamp chest peice or on your hips, good effert but altogether stupid epic fail