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Caelin’s Doctor Who Tattoo

Check out Caelin’s Doctor Who thigh tattoo. She says this is just the first of many Doctor Who tattoos that she wants to get. She says that she go this tattoo because the “Time Lords are BAMFs”.

Tattoo by Jimmy at Indelible Ink in Eugene OR.

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10 Responses

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  1. Mike says

    This isn't the same Ed from Angry Psychos? Is it?

    • edrabbit says

      It is the one and the same Ed. :) Hi!

      • Mike says

        I am on there as LivTheMdns… I just saw Shell and Eric at a doctor who convention. That girl should have gotten a seal of rassilon instead.

        • Caelin says

          See, Rassilon is pretty cool but I've always thought of him as…sort of a dick.

          • Shizuma says

            hahahahahahaha brilliant :D

  2. CathyS says

    Cool! Angry Psycho reunion on! Ed, you should post this url to the list… I'm sure there's a lot of APs who are also into geeky tattoos.

  3. benjamin sTone says

    Brilliant! I couldn't wait until I saw somebody else who's had it done! :D

  4. lenea says

    Oooo, beautiful detail there; considering the basic Kasterborous outline from the front of the old old Tardis key myself… Good job, mate!

  5. sarah says

    is this just for the fob watch? i was wanting to actually get something in Gallafrian

  6. annmarie says

    i like doctor who all time becourse i watch on teleivion and i am biggest for doctor who so much i what a get a tattoos i what one