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Wolverine Rides My Little Pony Tattoo

Wolverine Riding My Little Pony

Comic book based tattoos are decidely geeky, and there’s certainly no shortage of Wolverine tattoos, but for the love of adamantium, could someone please fill us in on this one?  There’s got to be a good story behind it.

UPDATE: The artist of this tattoo is Chris Yoakum out of Urban Body. Apparently the story is:

He got this tattoo for his sister who died. They used to play with their toys together as kids. Ok so she didn’t die, she just went to study abroad for a year. Either way the best part is he has Magneto on the other side.

Two more shots from Chris’s portfolio:

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49 Responses

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  1. Karen says

    If only it were on his ass

  2. Sandra Soroka says

    simply amazing

  3. Nancy says

    What a Stong man!

  4. drew olanoff says

    Beat me to it!@#!@#@#

  5. Elfman says

    lmao “I rock that 2”

  6. eriesisgod says

    I love Logan and my friend loves pony’s, with our powers combined you are captain planet!

  7. Gabriel Gadfly says

    Haha. This is great.

  8. DarkSock says

    I peed in a cat once.

  9. SV says

    lol I once told a friend that i would pay for him to get a tattoo of a care bear riding a my lil pony wonder if this person overheard the bet and changed it to suite there wants

  10. Ben says


  11. dex says

    Holy effing hell; he’ll have a hell of a time explaining that thing when he’s 72.

  12. rich says

    fucking homo

  13. fred says

    dude, ithat s it gay

  14. BurnOut says

    this tat sucks ass

  15. lea says

    omg thats sooo lush my 2 fave cartoons mutated into 1 love it !!!

  16. sisk says

    He is either gay or very very secure in his sexuality.

  17. Anon says


  18. daedra lord says

    epic fail

  19. prole says

    mt gf has the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse riding my little ponies on her upper arm

    • Louise says

      That's pretty damn awesome. Does Death have a My Little Pony skeleton?

    • Darkcatram says


  20. marc says

    funny but ugly

  21. Coma says


    Its like ‘ I have a wolverine riding a my little pony… your argument is invalid’

  22. Nakranoth says

    Probably what happed is he was drunk and got my little pony. Then latter added Wolverine to de-gay-ify it.

  23. ThePaul says

    What is their to explain? That’s a freaking awesome Tattoo!

  24. scott says

    NO. NO. Wolverine should not be exposed to that, DAMN YOU

  25. Tampa Vacation Guide says

    I would NEVER show that to ANYONE…. How humilating

    • emily says

      that is so weried

  26. Thatonechick says

    SHOPPED! That is shopped! It’s photoshoped! I can tell! Because of the pixels! They don’t lie, no siree! And! And the shadows. Yep. The pixels and the shadows. That’s how you can tell! It’s definitely shopped. Oh this thing is SO shopped. I know, I can tell, cause I’m shopped. Trust me, this comment section is probably all shopped too. SHOPPED!

  27. Annonomous says

    I would ROCK that tattoo, like a rocking horse XD

  28. ILaughAtThee says

    I cant believe how stupid tattoos people take. Tsk.

  29. Bill Vincent says

    That is, beyond a doubt, the most OUT-FSCKING-STANDING tat I’ve ever seen. I’d go get one just like it if it would make me feel like a douche for copying someone else’s ink.

  30. Centerobalance says

    with that pose, wolverine is bound to fall off! *gasp*

  31. James says

    More like “wolverine riding my HUGE pony”. look at that thing!

  32. Chris Yoakum says

    Hi Im Chris Yoakum. I did this tattoo so Im going to plug myself as I see my 15 minutes of fame is waning. , I work at Urban-Body in Davis CA.

    He got this tattoo for his sister who died. They used to play with their toys together as kids. Ok so she didn’t die, she just went to study abroad for a year. Either way the best part is he has Magneto on the other side. I will pester him for a pic of that. Thanks for all the good feedback. Later

  33. bigblackcccccccombobreaker says

    hakaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii shopped fo sho niggr

  34. Anthony says

    Thats amazing. A good tattoo is something that is unique to you.

  35. CookieBau says

    Absolutely freakin’ awesome. I am left speechless. Love the story behind it. I’m thinking about studying abroad just to pressure MY brother into getting a tat like this!
    Props to the artist and the dude sporting it. You got some balls my friend, and a fabulous sense of humour! My Little Pony ROCKS!!!

  36. jelloegg says

    Oh yes. I can see the alcohol bubbles floating above Wolverine’s head. Lol!

  37. kagell says

    Drunk, bet, my little pony, sober, Holy F-ing fuck, make it at least a bit cooler?, tattoo wolverine over it.

  38. Cutter says

    Dude, that is so full of win! Right-freakin’-on!

  39. Roc says

    What a stupid thing to permanently tattoo on your body.

  40. james says


  41. savergirlwonder says

    how can he disgrace wolvie like that

  42. erdogan cavdar says

    i agree with scott…
    check my works in here

  43. Kanbabrif says

    Insert "your argument is invalid" joke here.

  44. Sethicus Maximus says

    "He's got magneto on the other side." I wonder what Magneto is riding then…. The carebear cloud wagon?

  45. Kadıköy Dövmeci says

    best one amazing.

  46. Kadıköy Dövme says

    colour nice so amazing