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Who Is Atlas?

Geek points to whoever can correctly identify where this tattoo is from. Nico sent it in saying:

[REDACTED] is definitely one of the most memorable stories I’ve ever gone through in a game so I had to get this done. The entire world is beyond incredible. I plan on getting my leg done with little items from my favorite well written games. But no logos. I want em to be recognizable only by actual fans. Next up is yes man followed by a crowbar impaled in a head crab.

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  1. Peejay says


  2. Quase says

    Bioshock for the win… Hope he had Medical Expert equipped on his Physical track (as to not feel too much pain when getting inked).

  3. rebelshop says

    The good ending for Bioshock almost made me want to cry it was so happy.

  4. Rodrigo says

    Holy fuck, second the best game EVER, after Stalker:SoC….

  5. CoreyO says

    ou got a tattoo of a video game based primarily on a book that's sold millions upon millions upon millions over 50 years? Won't most people think of Atlas Shrugged first? Who is John Galt?

  6. Jakov says

    Did he know this comes from a philosophy that espouses selfishness and greed?