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The Best Pac-Man Tattoos Ever

Pac-Man is a classic game and always will be. It’s right up there with Tetris. If there had been rewards like Game of the Year, Most Addictive, etc. back in the day, it would have won them. There are some die-hard fans that still love playing this game from 1980, and then there are some really die-hard fans that get it inked on their body. Here are some of the latter.

We have to start with the most famous one. It’s quite possibly NSFW and awesome. According to BMEZine it was done by Erik Rieth at Seventh Son Tattoo in San Francisco, CA over 3 years ago.

There’s also another pretty incredible one of Ms Pac-Man on Aileen’s head done by Ellie, out of Dead Rockstar. BMEZine has more story on this one.

And there’s this cute foot tattoo of Pac-Man and ghosts. It was inked by Julien at Deluxe Tattoo Studio (Reim, France). via BMEZine

And here’s a matching set of Mr and Ms Pac-Man. Based on the hair it looks like these are on the same body, and not a loving and sweet pair of tattoos on a couple. via

How about some blackwork Pac-Man fun? via

There’s also this nicely done small version of the PacMan board on this man’s arm. Photo was shot by Rich at the 2006 San Diego Comic Con.

Don’t forget about the laser etched Pac-Man that we posted previously.

And finally we’ll leave you with one for the true fanboys (or the ones that read Wikipedia). via

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16 Responses

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  1. PacMania says

    I always would double back ton get that cherry.

  2. Miss Sarcasm and her says

    Oh my God.

    Do these people actually exist in this reality? Because I've never seen anyone who emits this level of retard in all my years.

    How do these people even manage to exist in a normal society without people bursting into fits of uncontrollable laughter every time they leave their homes?

    Some things should be illegal to have as a tattoo. Methinks I've found number one.

    • Big P says

      what? what the hell is wrong with having a pac-man tattoo? why are you even looking on this website if you are gonna be so judgemental. these are geeky tattoos. im very proud of my pac-man tetris and zelda tattoos and i have gotten nothing but positive feedback about my tats so go screw yourself you pompous bitch.

    • Deay says

      something about her name being miss sarcasm leads me to believe she's being sarcastic… just a small insight.

      • THATgirl says

        Im a girl and actually people love my Pac-Man tattoo… hahah haters gonna hate potatoes gonna potate. Go wax your lip or something little miss sarcasm.

    • Ms. Chievious says

      LMFAO!! The amount of ignorance and stupidity in this comment astounds me to the point of laughter. What makes you so high and mighty as to judge somebody on what they love? Sorry there are people out there who LOVE video games, including myself. Whether or not to get that tattoo'd on the body is THEIR choice. If you don't like it? Kindly drink a tall, cold glass of bleach; it'll knock you off your high ass pedestal which you so seem you deserve to be on.

  3. k says

    Me thinks the lady above is a dork and should probably go away.

  4. Val says

    I think Miss Sarcasm and her Merry Band should curl up in the bubble she lives in and die of ignorance and retadation. Special an closed minded she seems 2 be. Tattoos are fun and the sky iz d limit ^_^

  5. SOphie says

    hey! here is the picture of my boyfriend’s pacman tattoo :) hope you like it because i looove it :)

  6. Daniel Koffer says

    how can I post my Mrs Pacman tattoo on here…??

  7. secreto says

    whats up with pacman nothing dont you people know having pacman tattoo its use-less its stupid its crazy dont you people have a brain (yes they dont) no affence but its like its true dont you know your just gonna waste money for a sticking tatto tatto are for jerks like the one with tatto go to hell with your tatto crazy heads what i say for that tatto is bla bl bla blinki bla bla :P :P :P with does crazy tatto i mean think fror your self you flee bag people hay i wish all of you just would grow up and not think like a baby oh did you said goh goh ga ga sorry i cant understand you.

    • THATgirl says

      We sure do have brains… its *Offence not *Affence you jackass. Just goes to show how much some people DONT HAVE BRAINS…

    • Charity says

      Before you question people's intelligence, you should keep in mind that sentences require punctuation. Also, you spelled "offense" wrong. Oh, and tattoo, even though spelled right in the URL. Not to mention "flea", "hey", and "for".

  8. Haxaw says

    Herp Derp

  9. cas212 says

    I feel as though if someone wants to put a pacman or any kind of tattoo on them they can,just for the fact of it being their body and their choices. Yea true people are entitled to their opinions but life goes on. If u dont like what u see then stay off the site. jeesh its not that hard.

  10. Lisa Elliott says

    I got the PAC man board tattooed on my butt like above . It’s my favorite out if all my tattoos . I say wanna try the high score haha it never gets old . And ya gotta bring your own joystick !!