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The Best Pac-Man Tattoos Ever

Pac-Man is a classic game and always will be. It’s right up there with Tetris. If there had been rewards like Game of the Year, Most Addictive, etc. back in the day, it would have won them. There are some die-hard fans that still love playing this game from 1980, and then there are some really die-hard fans that get it inked on their body. Here are some of the latter.

We have to start with the most famous one. It’s quite possibly NSFW and awesome. According to BMEZine it was done by Erik Rieth at Seventh Son Tattoo in San Francisco, CA over 3 years ago.

There’s also another pretty incredible one of Ms Pac-Man on Aileen’s head done by Ellie, out of Dead Rockstar. BMEZine has more story on this one.

And there’s this cute foot tattoo of Pac-Man and ghosts. It was inked by Julien at Deluxe Tattoo Studio (Reim, France). via BMEZine

And here’s a matching set of Mr and Ms Pac-Man. Based on the hair it looks like these are on the same body, and not a loving and sweet pair of tattoos on a couple. via

How about some blackwork Pac-Man fun? via

There’s also this nicely done small version of the PacMan board on this man’s arm. Photo was shot by Rich at the 2006 San Diego Comic Con.

Don’t forget about the laser etched Pac-Man that we posted previously.

And finally we’ll leave you with one for the true fanboys (or the ones that read Wikipedia). via

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